We've aggregated a few topical video clips which explain various aspects of the 1031 exchange process. For additional videos, visit our multimedia library here.

Need to understand the difference between an exchange and simply selling and buying new property? Check out this video explanation.

Every 1031 exchange needs to include what are known as 'like kind' properties. This video explain the definition of 'like kind'.

There are a couple of critical pitfalls which experienced Exchangers always avoid. Find out what they are so you can avoid them as well.

Understanding how to calculate your equity and your capital gain is critical when determining how much Replacement Property you need to acquire.

Deferred Exchanges are the most common exchange type. This video explains the 180 day exchange period and 45 day identification requirement.

If you are in a situation which requires a Reverse Exchange, it is important to understand how the reverse logistics differ from typical forward exchanges.

This video explains the main differences between a sale and purchase, and a Section 1031 tax deferred exchange.

There are two critical timing related requirements in every Section 1031 exchange. This video explains how to comply with them seamlessly.

Exchange Operations provides a secure 24/7 portal for Exchangers to peruse or download their exchange documents or communiucate with us.

There are times when you will need to do some improvements or construction to a new Replacement Property. This video explains that process.

There are certain transactions which will require you to exceed the standard 180 day exchange time period. Here is how that is accomplished.

There have been some changes to the law which now allow 1031 Exchangers to acquire interests in institutional, investment grade properties.

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